earthmover tyres

The best application is a type which would not be overloaded at maximum recommended operating pressures and would have a TMPH rating slightly in excess of the job's TMPH calculation(if tyres currently in use are rated less than the job TMPH then reduce speed and load or change to higher TMPH rated tyres).

The Ton-Mile-Per-Hour can be determined by the following formula:

(average tyre load) X (average speed)

Average Tyre Load - vehicles are loaded for one trip and return empty in one cycle of operations.
Average Tyre Load = 1/2 x (tyre load vehicle loaded + tyre load vehicle empty)

Average Speed  =

               (round distance x number of trip cycles per day)
                         (total hours of operations per day)

(Note - total operating hours include meal breaks and shift changeover)

TMPH calculations will need to be adjusted in cases of significant differences in ambient temperature.

Some manufacturers are developing new methods such as temperature prediction models to enable selection and management of OTR tyres.

This information is intended as a guide only and the tyre manufacturer (via ourselves) and machine manufacturer should be consulted for advice on tyre fitment.