rally tyres

Dunlop, Pirelli, Hoosier, Kumho and Michelin are among the leading brands of race and rally tyres we have despatched around the world.

Forward planning of purchases is essential to avoid the risks of no-stock and last-minute orders needing to go by expensive airfreight.

Once the up-coming year's racing calendar is decided, immediately contact us with your loose, tarmac and winter tyre requirements for the whole season so that we can plan logistics with you.

For fitment recommendations and technical advice, please e.mail us at     motorsport@tyres1.co.uk

Storage and Preparation of Motorsport Tyres

Much of our section on   storage of OTR tyres applies to the good stock management of race and rally tyres. In particular, they should be stored in cool, dark, dry and clean conditions out of direct sunlight.

The life and performance of motorsport tyres will improve if they are "run in" for a few miles before driving at racing speed.

Fitting of Motorsport Tyres

The use of a suitable fitting machine is recommended.

Most competition tyres are tubeless and need to be carefully mounted to ensure an airtight fitment on the rim. Rims must be checked for damage or cracks or rust before fitment.

Contact us for recommended inflation pressures when first seating new tyres on rims. We recommend using a safety cage when mounting tyres.


Due to the extreme conditons under which competition tyres are used, no warranty can be given.