earthmover tyres

TYRES 1 specializes in the supply of Earthmover/OTR tyres in both major brands from international sources and lesser known brands from countries such as China which are building an increasing reputation for quality products in this demanding field.

We have the capability to ship product not only from England but also from other points around the world direct to the purchaser's market.

FORWARD PLANNING - Demand and supply of Earthmover/OTR tyres are rarely in balance and both low and high users need to plan their annual requirements in advance.

We recommend drawing up a Tyre Requirements Schedule four months before the start of the new operating year and submitting this to us. We will provide an international availability guide and work with you to construct a realistic purchasing program taking into consideration:

  • Tyre Production Dates
  • Shipping Schedules and Transit Times
  • Clearance Times at Port of Destination
TYRE SELECTION - Earthmover/OTR tyres represent a major financial investment and the wrong tyre application can lead to premature and costly tyre failure. See our pages on   Tyre Classification   and  Tyre Selection and TMPH.

STORAGE - Many tyre users work in extreme climates and correct storage of these expensive tyres is essential. How to store tyres correctly.